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Privacy Policy

We only ask for and store the minimal personal information we need in order to provide an excellent service. This includes your email address, name and location.

We take your privacy and security very seriously. We will never pass any of your details on to third parties for any purpose, except when we are required to by law enforcement agencies.

Host2Go does not store credit card information. We use third-party payment processors who provide us with a token. If you remove a card from your account, we remove the card from the third party provider, and destroy any records of the token.

On rare occasions, it is necessary to send out strictly service-related announcements. We may also notify you of special offers and updates to our services in our newsletter, and send greetings on special occasions. You can adjust your communication preferences in the My Profile section of your

We use cookies on our websites to track your browsing behaviour, links clicked, items purchased, your device type, and to collect various data, including analytics, about how you use and interact with our Services. This allows us to provide you with more relevant product offerings, a better experience on our sites and mobile applications, and to collect, analyse and improve the performance of our Services. We may also collect your location (IP address) so that we can personalise our Services.

This website contains links to external sites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the content of external sites.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us.

General Terms of Service

The following Terms of Services, together with any Additional Terms and Policies (collectively “ToS”, ”Terms”, “Agreement”), form the entire legal agreement between you and Host2Go Ltd in relation to your use of our website (, all its subdomains, additional top-level domains, and mobile apps) and any products, services, and information provided by Host2Go Ltd (“we”,”us”,”our”).

Prior to purchasing a service from us, you need to ensure and declare that you have read, understood and agreed to our Terms of Service (Terms of Use) by checking the corresponding required checkbox. The following list contains our Additional Terms and Policies attached and considered collectively with this General Terms of Service agreement:

This Agreement supersedes and replaces any other agreements with respect to the subject matter hereof. All such other agreements will have no further force or effect.

Prohibited Clients (Countries, Regions, Entities, and Individuals)

Service purchases, client account creation, support service, affiliate service, chat services are not provided to prohibited clients. Such clients are defined as an entity related to some countries, regions, or individuals that are prohibited by certain governments and their trade, law or economic sanctions.

Unless otherwise provided with explicit written permission, Host2Go Ltd also does not register and prohibits the use of any of our services in connection with, any Country-Code Top Level Domain Name (“ccTLD”) for any Sanctioned Country/Region.

Failure to comply with our Terms, Conditions or Policies

The following terms can be found when reading our Terms of Service, additional agreements and policies and our website:

Service Level Agreement

The following Service Level Agreement (also called ToS or simply Agreement) apply to all services provided by Host2Go Ltd to customers (clients, users). With the purchase of every Web Hosting or Additional service offered by Host2Go Ltd you specifically agree to these Terms of Service.

Account Eligibility

All services provided by Host2Go Ltd are intended for users over eighteen (18) years old. By purchasing a service from us you declare you are eighteen (18) years old or older, otherwise it is considered as unauthorized use and is a violation against our Terms. 

If our services are used on behalf of another party, you represent and warrant that you have the authorization to bind the party to our TOS. If we determine that you do not have the legal authority to represent the party you will be held liable according to our TOS. 

You agree and warrant you will provide accurate, current and complete information (including name (company name), address, phone number, email address, and billing information) required on the order form during the service purchase. 

Acceptable Use Policy

You acknowledge and agree that Host2Go Ltd services may only be used for lawful purposes. You need to ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations of your use of our services. We reserve our right to disable any materials violating our Terms.  

The following types of content are considered as prohibited and you shall not use Host2Go Ltd services to store or publish such (including links to third-party services):

Following types of activities are considered as prohibited and you shall not use Host2Go Ltd services for such purposes (including links to third-party services):

Order Processing

Your personal information collected during the registration process will be used for your account creation and will be considered as ownership details for all service under the account. You agree and authorize us to use and provide your personal information to third parties to ensure compliance and validate your billing information in order to finalize your order. 

All orders submitted at Host2Go Ltd are subject to Security Scans. If an order triggers any of our security rules it will be manually revised by our Order Verification team, the invoice will be canceled and no payment will be applied. In such a case, you will be notified by an email and we may ask for additional information in order to activate the requested service. We are not obligated to provide service nor additional information for the reason of failure to pass our verification process. 

After successful payment, the service subject of your order is considered active. Host2Go Ltd provides instant account activation for services promoted as such. Services, such as, but not limited to Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers, that require manual interaction and/or custom setup will be handled in a timely manner. Service is considered available only after you receive written confirmation sent from Host2Go Ltd.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you pay all fees for the service set forth in your order. All fees must be paid in advance for the entire billing term selected in your order. We are not bound to provide any services until we receive your payment.

Host2Go Ltd services are set on automatic renewal in order to prevent any possible interruptions.

You agree that you will be billed on automatically recurring bases for successive periods of equal duration unless you cancel the service or disable the auto-renewal option. Renewal invoices will be generated 7 days in advance and the charge attempt to the payment method on file will be attempted 3 days before the due date.

If the payment fails we may continue to attempt to collect payment from the payment method on file, suspend, and/or terminate your service. Host2Go Ltd will make a few courtesies attempts to notify you for your service renewal  – prior to the service renewal; on the due date; in an event of payment failure.

Host2Go Ltd will not be held responsible for any losses (including files, databases, emails, domain names) that result from suspension or termination due to payment failure.

If you believe there is any incorrect charge processed by Host2Go Ltd you need to immediately contact our team. If you initiate a chargeback we may suspend your service until the dispute is resolved and all outstanding fees are covered. 

Fraudulent use of credit cards and other payment methods is a violation against our Terms. We may report such fraudulent uses.

Technical Support Service

The term Technical Support Service refers to any technical assistance or answers received as a result of a query submitted to our Technical Support Fleet. Host2Go Ltd provides free Technical Support service as a complimentary service to all our Web Hosting packages.

The Technical Support Service is an additional free of charge service, that is not included as a service in any of the Web Hosting Services offered by Host2Go Ltd. Any assistance provided through the Technical Support Service is considered as an act of good fate in the future business relationship with our customers. Our Technical Support fleet will try to assist as further as possible with any technical or non-technical related matter to the best of our knowledge and expertise. The only boundary our Technical Support Service knows is if the issue submitted by the customer is not related directly to the Web Hosting Service we offer.

The customer agrees that by submitting a case to our Technical Support Crew, they fully authorize the intervention, operation and management of the Technical Support Crew on the entire customer’s web hosting account including but not limited to Client Area, cPanel, StackCP and any related domains/services that Host2Go Ltd poses or received by the customer access to.

We will do our best to fit the timeframe for any case resolution expected by the customer, however, we are not obligated to achieve case resolution nor any particular outcome or result.

Host2Go Ltd reserves the right to refuse Technical Support Service to our customers only after specifically specifying the reason behind that outcome.

The customers agree that any Technical Support Service listed on our website or mentioned anywhere may not be successful and the submitted issue might remain unresolved. Furthermore, the customer agrees that the Technical Support Service might not be provided at all in case the support request/issue is not financially, technically or physically in the capabilities of Host2Go Ltd.

Service Uptime, General Availability, and Compensations

Host2Go Ltd will use full effort to make the offered Web Hosting Service available with an uptime guarantee of 99.9% of the time. In case we are unable to achieve the promised uptime our customers are eligible to receive credit depending on the amount of violated uptime on a monthly basis.

The credit serves as compensation and can only be used for future service renewals, purchases of new or upgrades of already existing services. The credit cannot be used outside the scope of the Web Hosting Services provided by Host2Go Ltd. The credit is not sent to the customer’s bank account, PayPal account or any other payment method used when purchasing the service. The credit is listed in the Client Area provided by Host2Go Ltd.

The Public Network availability that we guarantee is 100% excluding the time needed for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance of the network, its hardware components or any software used by the same. 

Host2Go Ltd guarantees that every website hosted on our network will be available 99.9% of the time in a given month excluding the cases when scheduled or unscheduled maintenance is ongoing.

The calculation of Network and Website availability is based on Host2Go Ltd internal records for the uptime of our services. We will not accept any third party reports as possible evidence for downtime making the client entitled to compensation.

Limitation of Liability


Free Migration Policy

We do offer free website migration included in our Shared and WordPress hosting accounts, Virtual Private and Dedicated servers. The number of free migrations included in the particular hosting package is as listed on our main webpage. In case additional migration is required, migration fee will be provided on fixed pricing.  

Free website migration includes website files, MySQL databases, and email data only, domain name transfer is not included as part of the website migration service but it may or may not be provided to certain web hosting plans with concrete Billing Cycle with at least 1 year.

It is your responsibility to configure your DNS records after the migration completion in order for your domain name to be pointed to your web hosting service with Host2Go Ltd. For that purpose, we may assist in case the domain name is under the control of Host2Go Ltd. 

By requesting migration from Host2Go Ltd the client authorize us with access to their previous hosting provider. We cannot guarantee successful website migration in circumstances outside of our control, including, but not limited to restrictions placed by the client’s current provider, data saved in incompatible format and other limitations. 

Termination of Service by Host2Go Ltd

Host2Go Ltd may terminate this Agreement or suspend your service without prior notice and refund in an event that: (i) you fail to pay fees due; (iI) your use of our services violates to our ToS; (iiI) your or your users actions are harmful to Host2Go Ltd or others or; (iv) any other lawful reason. 

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons Host2Go Ltd may also terminate this Agreement with seven (7) days notice if the service(s) become impractical or unfeasible for any technical, legal, regulatory or any other reason. In such a case, customers will be provided with a backup copy of all their data.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Host2Go Ltd, its directors, officers, affiliate, employees, agents, and any third parties against and from any claims, damages, losses, liabilities, suits, actions, demands, proceedings (whether legal or administrative), and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees) threatened, asserted, or filed by a third party against Host2Go Ltd arising in connection to (i) your use of our services, (ii) any breach or violation by you of our ToS; or (iii) any acts or omissions by you. The terms in this section shall survive the termination of this Agreement.

Change of ToS

Host2Go Ltd reserve the right to change our Terms at any time. If we decide to change our Terms, we will post the updated Terms and indicate the date of revision. If we decide to make material changes we will notify you here, by email, or by means of a notice on our website. All new or revised Terms take effect immediately, except the material changes. If you do not agree to the changes applied to our Terms you shall suspend your service(s) with us. Your continued use of our website and services indicates that you have read, understood, and agreed to our Terms.

Resource Usage

By purchasing a Web Hosting Product or Service our customers are receiving exclusive access to our Web Hosting Network of servers thanks to a unit called Web Hosting Account. Some of the Products and Services that Host2Go Ltd offer are putting multiple customers’ Web Hosting account(s) on the same physical or virtual machine (typically Shared Hosting type of service).

By purchasing our services and upon agreeing with our Terms Of Service prior to the purchase, the customer agrees and acknowledges that it is their sole responsibility to utilize and distribute the provided by the Web Hosting Service hardware resources.

Every Web Hosting package poses a complete list of the hardware limitations it has. Exceeding these limitations or utilizing those on 100% for an extended period of time will be considered as a violation of our Resource Usage policy due to the negative impact such behavior has over the other customers sharing the same physical server.

Domain Name Terms of Service

This Domain Name Agreement (“Agreement”) is between any person or entity (“you”, “your”, “Registrant”), who is registering a domain name through or transferring a domain name to Host2Go Ltd (“we”, “us”, or “our”), and us (“Registrar”) acting as reseller for our Accredited Registrar.  This Agreement sets the terms and conditions of your use of Host2Go Ltd ‘s Domain Name services, your obligations to us and our obligations to you. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions set forth in this Agreement, you are also agreeing to the rules and regulations set forth by the respective Registry or Registrar of record, and ICANN’s Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).

ICANN Policy:

Domain name registration

Host2Go Ltd offers Domain Name Registration service. The customer can apply for a domain name registration through Host2Go Ltd Domain Portal or directly via the Client Dashboard (“Client Area”).

The customer acknowledges and agrees that even if a domain name is indicated as available at the time of the purchase Host2Go Ltd cannot guarantee that the requested domain name will be registered. We hold no responsibility and have no authority in an event of domain registration being refused by the Registrar.

Domain name purchased through Host2Go Ltd will be deemed active when the respective registry accepts the customer’s application and activates the domain name registration. The customer will receive an email confirmation from us once the domain name is successfully registered.

The customer agrees it is their sole responsibility to investigate and ensure the domain name does not infringe upon legal rights and will not be used for malicious or unlawful purposes.

Any domain name registered through Host2Go Ltd will be under customer’s ownership, meaning that the customer will act as the registrant, administrative contact and technical contact.

If a domain name is registered with any third-party or entity personal details, the customer agrees that the person or organization used for the registration is aware and agrees with our Domain Name Terms of Service.

All domain name registrations are permanent for the term of registration and cannot be further modified. Prior to submitting a domain registration order, it is customer’s responsibility to ensure for no any errors and typos.

Cancellations and Refunds

The act of discontinuing a Service or a Product provided by Host2Go Ltd is defined as an act of Cancellation. The customer agrees that a Cancellation request can be submitted anytime upon submitting the request via the Client Dashboard or by opening a ticket in our Billing Department.

During the process of canceling a Product or a Service, Host2Go Ltd will attempt to resolve the reason for the Cancellation request if such is provided and act in the best interest of the client. In case the Product or Service is no longer suitable for the customer, Host2Go Ltd will act in compliance with our Terms of Service policy.

Billing and Renewal policy

Any Product or Service provided by Host2Go Ltd is billed regularly depending on the chosen by the customer during the order process Billing Cycle. If a customer would like to cancel a recurring service, they have to submit a cancellation request via the Client Dashboard or to submit a ticket in our Billing Department.

The customer agrees and acknowledges that a renewed product can be canceled anytime, however, the product is eligible for a full refund for only 30 days after the renewal date. If a cancellation request is submitted after the 30 days after renewal we will issue a partial refund equal to the amount paid for the renewal minus the cost of the period from the renewal date up to the cancellation request submission.

The customer agrees that purchased or renewed addon services or any third-party services offered by Host2Go Ltd are not refundable no matter when the cancellation request is submitted.

The customer agrees, it is their sole responsibility to ensure all payment information is correct and up to date as well as all outstanding invoices are paid if the service should be canceled before the service due date.

Renewal payments for Products or Services with Host2Go Ltd should be submitted not later than 24 hours after the product due date. If the customer does not submit a payment within that period Host2Go Ltd reserves the right to suspend the customer’s account until renewal payment is submitted. Host2Go Ltd is not obligated to inform the customer, however, we will do our best to do so before suspending the service.

The customer agrees that any non-renewed Shared Web Hosting account will be kept on our servers for not more than 5 calendar days after the due date passes. After that period, if renewal payment is not received any data related to the Web Hosting account as well as the whole Web Hosting account will be deleted. This includes the Web Hosting account, all of the generated backup copies as well as any data related to the Web Hosting account.

In case the type of used Web Hosting Service is VPS or Dedicated Server, the customer is obligated to renew the service either prior or on the due date of the service. If the customer fails to submit the payment within 24 hours after the due date becomes effective, all data related to the Product or Service will be deleted. This includes all accounts created on the VPS or Dedicated Server as well as all backup copies generated for the same and all information or data associated with the non-renewed service. Furthermore, in a case that the service is a Dedicated Server, the whole server may be completely dismantled.

Service Cancellation

A Product or Service can be canceled either by the customer orHost2Go Ltd. No third-party service, entity or jurisdiction can request nor achieve service cancellation for on a client’s behalf.  

Service Cancellation by the Customer

For a Product or a Service to be canceled by our customers, a proper cancellation request must be submitted. To submit a Cancellation Request the customer must use either the cancellation option from within the Client Dashboard or the customer should submit a Cancellation ticket explaining the reason for the cancellation in our Billing Department.

The customer acknowledges and agrees that Host2Go Ltd will keep a copy of the Shared Web Hosting account for not more the 5 days after the cancellation request becomes active and the Product or Service is canceled. After that period any data associated with the customer’s Shared Web Hosting account will be permanently deleted with no option for the same to be restored. That includes the whole Shared Web Hosting account as well as any backups generated for the same.

For VPS or Dedicated Server services, the data will be kept for no more than 24 hours after the cancellation of service become effective. After that period the whole server will be removed meaning that all data hosted on the same will be permanently deleted with no option for the same to be restored.

Host2Go Ltd cannot be held responsible for any data loss due to Service suspension or termination. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to keep the data of their Web Hosting accounts fully backed up remotely for any loss of data to be avoided.

Service Cancellation by Host2Go Ltd

The customer agrees and acknowledges that any Product or Service offered by Host2Go Ltd can be canceled by Host2Go Ltd with or without reason. Canceled by Host2Go Ltd services are not subject to partial or full refund nor is HHost2Go Ltd obligated to give any prior notice to the customer. Host2Go Ltd will not be held responsible for any loss of data in case the service is canceled by us.

The customer agrees that the reason for the cancellation of service by Host2Go Ltd can be but is not limited to:

If such a reason arises, Host2Go Ltd will act according to the severity of the violation. In most cases, we will try to resolve it first before committing to the complete termination of service. This means that we will open a Support Case with a complete description of the violated terms and give our customers respectful time to resolve the outstanding case:

The period starts immediately after a case is being open in our ticketing system. The customer is solely responsible for being aware of the case as well as for resolving the case according to the provided time frame.

Immediately after the cancellation takes place Host2Go Ltd will provide a backup archive to the customer containing all customer data hosted on the canceled/terminated service. The backup archive will be available for 7 calendar days after the same is being made available for download. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the backup archive is being downloaded completely within the timeframe given by Host2Go Ltd.

In case the reason for the cancellation of service by Host2Go Ltd is different than a Terms of Service violation by the customer, Host2Go Ltd will issue a prorated partial refund for the remaining months of service the Web Hosting product or service has been prepaid for. The amount of the refund is calculated on the following basis: the full prepaid amount minus the remaining months of service multiplied by the price per month of the canceled service. Host2Go Ltd will provide a few options for the customer to choose from when it comes to receiving a refund. In case PayPal is being used as a payment method, the refunded amount will be automatically sent to our customer’s PayPal account.

Money-Back Policy

Our Money Back Policy covers initial orders of Shared hosting accounts, Virtual Private Servers, and Dedicated Servers. Host2Go Ltd will fully refund the Web Hosting payment submitted by the customer if the cancellation request meets the following requirements:

The cancellation request is not eligible for a full refund when:

Chargebacks and Disputes

The customer agrees and acknowledges the right of chargebacks. Before submitting such the customer is obligated to inform Host2Go Ltd on the reasons forced them to submit a chargeback or a dispute with PayPal. Host2Go Ltd will always work with our customers to resolve any outstanding payment issues before a chargeback or a dispute is being raised.

The customer agrees and acknowledges that if a chargeback or a dispute is being raised, Host2Go Ltd will suspend the access to the Web Hosting product or service related to the case. To activate any suspended Web Hosting Service due to chargeback or dispute, a customer has to ensure that the dispute or chargebacks are being canceled or in case completed that any outstanding balance is being paid.

Third-Party Services

The following Third-Party Terms of Service agreement apply to any additionally added services apart from the Web Hosting Service we offer but integrated into the same. By purchasing any of the Web Hosting Packages that we offer the customer agrees that all of the offered by Host2Go Ltd services may or may not include additional or included Third-Party services with the sole purpose of:

Server’s cPanel & WHM license history and validity:

Contact our support team for more information: [email protected]

By utilizing the Web Hosting service after successful purchase on our website, the customer acknowledges and agrees with the usage of any Third-Party services bundled into the purchased Web Hosting Package.

Host2Go Ltd reserves the right to add new, update already existing or completely remove any Third-Party services without any prior notice.

Host2Go Ltd reserves the right to change the pricing and apply additional price for any bundled or additionally added Third-Party services without any prior notice.

The customer agrees with the usage of the following list of additional Third-Party services provided with our Web Hosting packages:

Host2Go Ltd reserves the right to update the Third-Party Terms of Service as we see fit without any prior notice.